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Our Team

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Harry Miriklis


Unlock Your Driving Potential with Harry Miriklis at Parallel Driving School

Meet Harry Miriklis, the Owner/Manager of Parallel Driving School, renowned for his exceptional skills as a Driving Instructor. With over 20 years of experience, Harry brings a wealth of knowledge to his students, guiding them through the intricacies of Melbourne’s roads with ease. His teaching approach focuses on instilling confidence and competence, ensuring learners are well-equipped to navigate the challenges of modern driving.

As a seasoned professional, Harry goes beyond traditional instruction, offering a holistic learning experience that encompasses technical knowledge and safe driving practices. His dedication to providing quality education shines through in every lesson, as he empowers students to become responsible and skilled drivers. With Harry, learners not only gain proficiency behind the wheel but also develop a deep understanding of road rules and safety protocols.

At Parallel Driving School, Harry’s commitment to excellence is evident in his personalised approach to teaching. Whether it’s mastering complex maneuvers or building confidence in novice drivers, Harry’s patient and supportive demeanor creates a conducive learning environment. With Harry as your instructor, you’ll embark on a journey towards driving mastery, equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive on the road ahead.

Meet Jas Kaur: Your Expert Driving Instructor

Jas Kaur brings a wealth of experience in road safety and driver education, having spent six years at VicRoads as a Customer Service Officer and Licence Testing Officer. Her role involved overseeing Hazard Tests, conducting driving tests, and providing licensing services, giving her a deep understanding of driving requirements and regulations. Jas is known for her friendly and patient demeanor, making her interactions with learners and instructors both effective and enjoyable. Her passion for helping others succeed is evident in her commitment to seeing learners excel in their driving tests.

Jas’s friendly, understanding, and patient approach has made her a favorite among learners and driving instructors alike. She is dedicated to imparting her knowledge and skills to her students, ensuring they not only pass their tests but also become safe and responsible drivers. Her transition from a Licence Testing Officer to a driving instructor demonstrates her passion for road safety and education. Jas finds fulfillment in seeing her students succeed, and she values the balance between her professional responsibilities and her family life.

Since moving to Australia in 2011, Jas has embraced the challenges and rewards of her professional career and family life. She resides in Australia with her supportive husband and two young children, finding joy in both her personal and professional roles. Her dedication to road safety and driver education continues to make her a valuable asset to Parallel Driving School and the driving community at large.

Jas Kaur


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At Parallel Driving School, we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive and personalised approach to driving education. Here’s why we stand out:

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